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A word about mentoring and consulting services I provide.

I vividly recall the invaluable support I received from fellow developers when I was just starting out my game dev career. Their guidance and insights played a pivotal role in shaping my journey, and I consider myself fortunate to have had such mentors.

Now, with nearly two decades of experience under my belt, I am driven by the desire to help others as I was helped in the past. I understand the impact that mentorship can have on one's development and growth in this industry, and I am dedicated to offering support tailored to your needs. My goal is to empower aspiring and confirmed game developers, offering them the guidance and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of game development more effectively.

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Here is what some of the teams I have helped say about my services:

Laurent gave us crucial support during the initial phases of our prototype development, helping us focus on the important aspects of our game, and also challenging our ideas and design. He grasped the team's priorities and tailored his approach to help us achieve a clear vision. His guidance on the subsequent production steps has been a significant time-saver. Interactions with him are always very enjoyable; he's a caring person who always has useful comments to give.

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Suzanne Clemente & Robert Edibler

Laurent intervened at Hawkswell for a technical audit, in a challenging context and under tight deadlines. He quickly grasped the situation with a sense of perspective, and within a few weeks, he formulated particularly relevant recommendations with a great deal of pedagogy and tact towards the studio leads. His valuable experience in our industry allowed him to make recommendations that went well beyond our architectural challenges, addressing our organization, pipelines, and even human aspects.

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Erwan Le Breton & St├ęphane Rappeneau

Laurent was the person we needed to unlock many key situations during the development of Tales Up. His versatile profile, combining technical expertise, creativity, and business management, ensures that his interventions are always accurate and aligned with overall issues. He is also a profoundly human person, attentive to others and concerned about their well-being. He made us reflect on how to highlight the strengths of our employees while implementing tools to ensure the team's well-being. I can only recommend him as a mentor!

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Victor Jaffeux