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🧑‍💼What to expect of a publishing deal.

Most games need money to be created. Many developers lack the necessary funds to bring their creations to life. This is where the publishing deal comes into play, with a publisher ready to give developers a substantial sum to fuel the game’s development. However, this financial assistance is not free, it typically comes with strings attached – a share of the game’s future earnings at least.

Before delving further into this topic, I would like to emphasize that this post is not a definitive rulebook. A publishing deal is a complex contractual agreement that must be carefully understood and tailored to suit the specific circumstances and needs of all parties involved. It is imperative not to commit to something you are not comfortable with or do not understand fully. Always call a legal advisor before signing a publishing deal (or any kind of deal).

Now, let us dive into what a publishing deal is, and what to expect from it.

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🧑‍💼What is a publisher

🧑‍💼General rules of thumb when dealing contracts

🧑‍💼Creative Direction

🧑‍💼Marketing control


🧑‍💼Keeping an eye on distribution

🧑‍💼About the money

🧑‍💼The extra bits

🧑‍💼When the shit hits the fan

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